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...Before you judge me, try hard to love me...

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Hmm, Bee is thinking about making a IchigoXRenji video x3 My very first one <3 8DDD For music I'm going to do my favorite Mariah Carey Song "Always Be My Baby". It's such a kawaii song for them both~

It's my first slideshow thing, so it's only going to only include pictures, and maybe that two clips of when Ichigo tackles Renji and that one epidoes when Ichigo tells Renji to "Take it Off!" [He honestly meant his Gigai, but the others thought something else]. I hope people will like it!

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I went to my swimming class for the first time today! A hilarious sight it would've been if you saw me xD As I predicted, I was with kids [I'm in level one, for beginners]. And so, I learned how to kick, glide, move my hands around, and this frog-leg movement thing...

I was having trouble with my kicking and hand movement because I was pinching my nose. I HATE water going up my nose! I just, don't like it. And I won't be able to accomplish anything if I don't get past it... or at least buy one of those nose clip thingies [mom won't get up for that nonsense = 3=] So I guess I'm just gonna have to not breathe out my nose and start using my mouth. 

Aww! But I'll get water in that, too! Difficult... 

Oh well, and this little girl and swim better than me! Maybe she's a fast learner... I am, too! Academically... -groan- It's not about competition, it's about learning now to swim! But I don't like the fact that a little girl can swim better than I can. That's gonna have to change.

My bathing suit is navy blue with mini white polka dots on it! It's a one piece :3 Took me a while to find one that'd fit me well [I have alot up top, and some at the bottom]. But I found this one at the last minute, and I wouldn't ask for another!

I had to put on sun screen [weird, I always thought black people didn't need it, but we do xD] I gotta slight tan, so now I'm like, DARK. But It'll go away in a matter of hours... I hope. Mom said it should. 


P.S. And no, there were no hot guys xD Not that I was looking... eh heh heh >>

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School is almost over, and high school is on its way like a speedy locomotive. We had our first ever 8th grade foodfight. Of course I didn't throw anything. 1) I'm a goody two-shoes, 2) I sit right in front of the teachers lunch table so... that's pretty dumb to throw something knowing you'll get caught instantly, and 3) I DON'T WANT TO MESS UP MY CLOTHES. At first no one threw anything. People said they would, but didn't. Maybe they were scared. Eh, who knows...
Anyway, after the other team left, it was just our GATE team (Gifted, Academic, Somethin' Somethin' yadda yadda, basically classes for smart people xD). So that's when the first cookie became airborn. It hit Owdell, and a buncha "OOOOOO"'s were going around the cafeteria like polio in the 1900's (Nerd... x3). 

One teacher--Ms. Reynolds--kinda over heard what was going to happen today, so she was sorta suspiciously watching the middle table. When the cookie was thrown, the teachers rushed over and watched all three table. When Mrs. Horne turned to walk away, I saw with my own two near-sighted eyes Haven throwing a half eaten pear clear across the cafeteria, hitting someone in the head. Who, exactly? Eh, who cares. I SAW IT. That's when more "OOOOOO"'s were born. The 7th graders came bursting in for lunch (they're the last to eat, why is that? Oh well, I hate em anyway...) but the teachers sent them back. Usually when they come bursting in like that, all us 8th graders leave to go back to our 4th period classes. But this time, since our food fight occured, they held everyone back. Even some people who had escaped were brought back.

So we had to sit back down and listen to our principal (for one more day xD) tell us that our actions were "not appropriate" and even the 7th and 6th grade administrators were there! No one asked for them! They're the 6th and 7th grade administrators for a reason! They're not supposed to be up in the 8th grade hallway! Duh! *sigh* Anywho, we went back to 4th period, and we were just told that the GATE classes were on lock down until someone fessed up. At first I didn't want to snitch. It was wrong, and wasn't loyal, no matter how bad the circmstances. But I wanted to get the hell out of math, so I told Mrs. Horne a couple minutes later what I saw Haven do, and a dude named Kris was one of the few people who planned this whole thing. 

It wasn't enough to get us out of 4th, but at least I did something good, in the teacher's eyes. 

We ended up leaving in 8th period, and that was the end :3 The 7th graders had a food fight, too. I think theirs was more massive (those jokers are horrible Cx). But we started the whole thing.

We've made our mark, hopefully, the rising 8th graders will follow in our footsteps. Who knows? There might be an annual food fight at the end of the year in all grades.

Now that would be kick ass.


Random Stuff♥  Gotta get in shape this summer! Gots Flag Football Next Year! I got my D.S. All I need is the hello kitty cover now x3 It's gonna look so pimp xDDD I talked to Ming Chu! is American name is "Zack" now. I think he adopted it... eh... cute!

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Blah. I feel horrible. Like, I want to mentally kick myself. Ever done something that, well, lets say you have a best friend. Two, at that. WEll, you're three-hundred miles away, mentally insecure and screwed up. So, you think your friends don't want to talk to you since you have a fucked-up fear of being alone and feels easily rejected if you don't get an email every three days. So you have this crazy idea to distance yourself from your friends (not that you're already are but, you know what I mean) and they get all sad and wondering why. You tell one for your sensitive friends the reason why, and now you await a message saying, "I hate you, bye bye." Or she'll never talk to you again.

So yeah, ever done that? Well I have. And I feel like I royally fucked up. -sigh- I just hate feeling alone, and I totally did what my feelings told me to do, but my logic is like, "Wait, what the hell are you doing?" So I'm confused. And if I want to, like, apologize to them, I'd be so ashamed because I put them through so much and I'd be so obliged to say sorry. 

I am so confused.

Kabuto: *huggles* You're always confused! I haven't talked to a "sane" Bee in a long time! *pout*

Me: Wow, haven't seen you in my livejournal for a while...

Kabuto: You're not happy to see me...?

Me: NO!! SILLY, I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!! *leeches myself onto his back*

Kabuto: I knew you didn't-- *thunderboom*

Me: KYAAAAAAAAAA! *hides under Kabuto*

Kabuto: Love? Awww, how cute! You're afraid of lightning!

Me: *hiss* NO I'M NOOOT! I'm afraid of thunder!

Kabuto: Whatever... Hey, why are you so sad lately...?

Me: *pouts and crosses arms* Don't wanna talk about it!

Kabuto: Pleeeease?! C'mon! You talk to me about everything else!

Me: Women live the hardest lives.

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