★b e e s h o u j o

...Before you judge me, try hard to love me...

12 January
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b e e s h o u j o / r a n d o m a b o u t m e

xname: bianca (bee)
★MiniMiniMew (gaiaonline)
★HokageAkamaru (fanfiction & youtube)
xethnicity: african-american & native-american (cherokee tribe)
xfavorite animal: bunny
xfavorite color: pink
xfavorite candy: skittles
xfavorite type[s] of music: pop, rock, techno, 80's, j-pop, r&b
xfavorite food: candy
xfavorite childhood game: barbies
xfavorite number: two
xfavorite fruit: peaches (in a can <3)
xfavorite anime: bishoujo senshi sailor moon
xfavorite manga series: gravitaion/gravitation ex
xfavorite oneshot manga: sex therapist

★extra: i love to draw, write, create stories and play my hellokitty-themed ds. i adore listening to music, riding my bicycle, sleeping, fantasizing about my current, yaoi obsessions and joking around with my few yet close friends. i get along with others very well, but i can become very irritated very easily. i want to make the best of my high school & young adult life, so I keep it as drama-free as possible.

my journal is filled with personal entries about my latest, boy love obsessions, doujinshi that I love/have read, my current life as a regular, old teen and various other things.

i'm not every other girl.